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  • Beyond Inspiration is a book that aims to provide you with tools to reach your full potential, so as to achieve your goals. Through the book, authors Abuti Rams and Pule Sir aim to guide the reader on a path of merging inspiration with action. The book is split into five parts that tackles subjects such as “Identity”, “The Power of Vision” as well as “Creating a culture of success.”

    One part highlights themes such as “believe and become”, “You are Powerful and Influential” and “Defeating the Average Joe Syndrome.” It also gives practical examples using public figures such as Dr Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs and Mariam Makeba.

    Another part of the book is titled “Purpose Driven Life” and touches on what really drives human beings to achieve as well as how to set long-term goals as a young person. In the same chapter, the authors formulate a list of solutions on how to deal it failure or rejection.

    The book is peppered with quotes from the authors themselves, excerpts from the Bible and some notable words of wisdom from renowned world leaders and each chapter ends on an affirmatively note.

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